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I teach professionals how to teach. They choose a topic and we design a walking skeleton together

Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

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*all workshops are 2 hours long for groups of up to 10 participants

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About me


My name is Lee Baror 

Once a technical trainer myself, today I help speakers and teams create effective materials for learning and public speaking events, since 2010.


My forte is applying instructional design to technical talks, courses, workshops, labs, videos, and knowledge base articles.

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Lee Baror

Digital Courses

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Plan a
Talk / Lecture

To deliver in a video, meetup, or conference

Start a

To teach groups a new skill

Digital Courses
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Ziva Tubul
Principal Financial Engineer

Lee works magic through her creative talents. She has a gift for easily transforming ideas into engaging visual stories with the right flow that captivates audiences. Her feedback gives the right direction for building the presentation and content, I had the privilege to work with her. 


Juozas Šalna
Team Lead

I did a few dry-runs and yesterday was the big day. The event went well and feedback was very positive. We had from marketing people to tech people and everybody found something useful in the talk. so i think it is a success.


Hila Fish
Senior Devops Engineer

She's not only good with visualization - The way I work with her is giving her my notes, a general direction, and she translates it to a flow that can be talked about. This skill is amazing. She makes it so easy to work with, since I don't need to explain a lot - she just gets it!


Natan Silnitsky
Backend Infra Tech Lead

I would like to acknowledge the incredible work that the incredibly talented Lee Baror has done on my talks' slide-decks over the years. Including for the latest one on "#Greyhound - A Powerful Pure Functional #Kafka library


Itay Maman
Backend Engineer

The talk came out wonderful: I got very positive feedback and (even more importantly) my personal feeling was that it went very well. So, thanks a lot it helped me take this talk to the next level.


Andrey Nikitin
Data Scientist

Thank you for your CFP review, it was very helpful. I've used most of your suggestions, hopefully it will be accepted 🤞


Gabriel Grinberg
Frontend Engineer

As promised, regarding Lee - see for yourself: before and after!
Can't recommend her enough.


Dmytro Ziuliaiev
Team Lead

Wow! Thank you so much, it's wonderful, I am in shock how you can make presentations easy and understandable! I appreciate it very much. 


Anna Tsibulskaya
Backend Engineer

Thank you very much! As always - great pleasure to work with you!


Ittai Zeidman

My presentation in BazelCon 3 weeks ago was amazing and Lee's incredible work was a significant part in making this happen. We might be used to her awesomeness but I still think it's worth reminding that I sat with Lee for an hour and a half with a google doc and a discussion and I let the magic begin.


Maya Alon
Academy Manager

Yesterday’s guild day was exactly the guild day we needed - it was awesome and thank you for navigating us to a focused and fruitful work mode.


Morad Stern
Head of Engineering Branding

Lee, thank you for having so much patience and blending your vast understanding to this process!



Thanks I will be in touch!

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